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The multiple challenges of interviews

More than just the "usual tips"

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Numerous articles have already been written on the "tips" for successful interviews.

We are not going to quote them here, such articles can be found on the internet. What we have noticed though, is that quite a few tend more or less to repeat themselves while omitting, we think, some crucial aspects.

Whether it is about school interviews or job interviews, the main points to keep in mind, and the general strategies to apply are rather similar.

They are about "you" the applicant in connection to the community you want to be part of, whether an educational establishment, or an organization, company, group, etc...

It is basically about evaluating whether :

  1. you can profitably fit in, for yourself and the community you are going to be part of
  2. and whether you can stay long enough to benefit from or bring a valuable contribution

Peak Communication has just issued for free download it's own "7 Key Tips" for school and job interviews so that young people can use them to their benefit.

We also include the emphasis on some points that are seldom mentioned elsewhere.

These 9 Key Tips are available here:

You can also follow us on LinkedIn :

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