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Recession ? What to do ?

When you start receiving tons of telephone call ads, prices are slashed, stores near empty, it is due to more than a retreat of mainland tourists. Hong Kong people are not in the mood to buy, and more and more are inclined to save.

The situation is no more news in the West, where this for over 25 years, has become a way of life, yet it is still rather new to Hong Kongers, who have become used to a relatively durable economic predictability and prosperity.

So what to do ? when the certainty of tomorrow is slowly vanishing in a global climate of change. One answer is to capitalize on what you already possess. I am not thinking in terms of tangible assets, but in terms of knowledge, experience, and skills.

And what better time is there, but to invest in new skills that can enhance your profile and prepare you to an almost certain transition.

Some jobs will disappear, organizations will move, or be further streamlined. New positions will be created, and skills you didn't master, be required. I have heard of fund managers applying for sales positions, and over qualified individuals flooding middle management openings.

Wherever you place yourself today, with durable responsibilities, or in the possibility of confronting a move, it may be wise to anticipate a possible change.

What new skill would you consider acquiring ? Instead of a polar shift in your curriculum, I would recommend at least one, if you don't already have it.

One that open doors, one that is universally required to deal with human beings, one that places you at the forefront of a new team, one that gets you noticed, one that places you as the leader, one that allows you to meet new people, one that may even transform your life, as it did for me.

I mean, speaking confidently and effectively in front of an audience.

The one skills that allows to sell ideas, to strengthen a view point, to gather talents, to allow working together in good conditions, to align influences, to solve issues, and reach an agreement. To do almost everything you wish to do.

This is what we aim at developing with your participation at Peak Communication. The fear of speaking, if you feel it sometimes, is just something that can fast go away, and you will smile when you realize this. That fear is just an illusion, and after a while, you will love speaking, and really enjoy facing an audience. At some point, you will even ask for more.

Visit us and leave a note, we answer fast, and can propose various options.

We train in Hong Kong, and other Asian cities.

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