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Does your teenager lack motivation to shine in public ?

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We help parents minimize hurdles and anxiety in facilitating their children to enter top schools.

If your child resents shining in public, this isn't rare, and should not be cause for alarm. Adolescence is most often a challenging transition to a new life of increased responsibility. Added to that, come also the necessity to enter into new activities and new surroundings, like a new school.

Over the last 4 years, we have developed a workshop that challenges teenagers' traditional perception of public speaking. It's interactive, fun, filled with games, feedbacks, and videos of top performers. It's more about finding "what works for me", than replicating "what works for others" says one participant, of course, provided the message gets delivered in a climate of cooperation and mutual respect. Some other young participants who already do well in debates and emcee roles, said about the workshop : "the best I have ever done"..!!

While we encourage all sorts of "constructive" speaking activities, we consider debates a slightly marginal skills for one simple reason: at work, in a team, at an interview, noone really debates, and, an applicant doesn't debate over his job application. The hiring decision hangs on whether he/she is considered fit to join the team, on a predetermined set of criteria.

While debating here, is futile; listening carefully, answering clearly and confidently, is, what makes the applicant a successful one.

Our 1-day workshops prepare teenagers to :

- Understand what is expected from them at interviews

- Do their best with oral exams

- Make powerful presentations

- Increase personal confidence

- Speak compellingly to audiences

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