• Pass your school and job interviews

    Get rid of the fear of public speaking

    Enjoy the power of being a competent speaker

    Pave the way for a successful professional life

    Start on Saturday 23 September ! SPECIAL RATE: HKD 550./participant

    A workshop for university students that covers :

    • school / job interview skills
    • presentation skills
    • being a competent public speaker

    Please, find more details here.

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  • We believe that passion and clarity change the world for the better

    Peak Communication was created to provide a platform for people to develop their voices more powerfully for all activities that are important to them in their lives. There are programs specifically designed to support all age groups - from teenagers, to young adults to business people.


    Regardless of whether you would like to

    • improve your English
    • rehearse for a job, promotion or school interview
    • prepare for an important sales or business presentation
    • practice for a public speaking engagement
    • develop your story telling skills or
    • develop your personal impact professionally and socially

    Peak Communication is the place to do all of that with our various grograms.


    Hi, I am Christian Masset, and you can call me Chris if you would like. I am the founder of Peak Communication. Years ago, I worked for major shipping companies in Hong Kong, and then quit because I yearned for the adventure of navigating the high seas of entrepreneurship. I started Peak Communication in 2011 because several of my passions revolve around communication. Since then I have been sharing oral communication tools with people and businesses desiring to sharpen their listening skills, to speak and hopefully think in more unconventional ways through my workshops. These workshops accomplish that and much more while being full of passion, clarity and humor.


    Having studied in France, (Master Degree in International Business, and Bachelor Degree in Chinese Studies from Inalco-Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris), I am an entrepreneur and a part-time lecturer in two local universities in French for corporate communication. I was for 7 years a spokesperson for a local NGO. As such, I have been interviewed a number of times on local and international TV channels, radio shows and along other representatives of local NGO's to speak at the Hong Kong Legislative Council.


    Since change is the only constant in nature, anything and everything is possible. I promote creative change whenever possible where most people are not able to consider it.


    Since motivation is at least half of every undertaking, motivation with humor is essential in my workshops.


    Since Reading has always been a major activity of my life, whenever possible I inject some of that knowledge in my training.

  • Pass your school and job interviews

    Get rid of the fear of speaking in public

    Enjoy the power of being a competent speaker

    Pave the way for a successful professional life

    These one-day workshops are designed mainly for university students and provide essential tools to improve their academic work and prepare for entry into professional life. Please, go here for the upcoming schedule.

    Final Year Uni Students. Job Interview skills

    HKD 550./student - Promotion Offer !

    in Sheung Wan 09:30 to 16:30

    go HERE FOR schedule and BOOKING.

    For in home training, please contact us here.

    Testimonial - A university student from City University

    June 2016

    "I was applying for a program in another university in Hong Kong, and was not feeling confident to pass the interview. Christian helped me conquer my anxiety. I finally passed." Suki L.

    Testimonial - University students

    January 2015

    A seminar in public speaking.

    “I think the workshop helps me to know more about communication and job interviews. Also it improves my communication skills to talk with others. Besides, I got a lot of opportunities to share my opinion today.. (..)” Rita Lau - Community College of City University

    Testimonial - A French Tennis Champion

    NOVember 2011

    “I would like to thank Christian for this experience that allowed me to move beyond my fears (to speak in public), and do things I thought for me, un-doable. I have learnt I was able to master my fears and express my strength. Accomplishing these two public speeches is a big victory, and the feeling of freedom deriving from that, is a great reward.” Florient D.

    Beauville Art

    JULY 2015

    A Master Class in public speaking.

    Interview skills for University Students

    SUMMER 2017 PART 1

    Why are we 100 times more effective ? Because we have a "total approach" to the interview skill process.

  • Our Training to Interviews
    and Public Speaking Skills for University Students

    Learn today's job interviews skills ! ... Saturday 23 Sept. 09:30-16:30

    Centre0, 24/F, Bonham Strand Trade Centre, 135 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan.


    What you will get from this workshop :

    - Turning interviews or speeches into a conversation

    - Getting familiar with today's interview requirements

    - Practicing drills on video


    HKD 550./participant - 6 hours (60% discount - original price HKD1,375.)

    We probably offer the best interview skills in town..... Click here for your FREE tips for job Interviews

    (Peak Communication is a brand of Coastline Company)

  • Upgrade Your Business

    by Sharpening your Public Speaking Skills

    This workshop is designed for entrepreneurs and managers, in the sectors of technology, consumer goods and services. It provides all the necessary skills to present clearly and effortlessly :

    • a company
    • a range of products or
    • a new project

    while capturing the attention of the audience from the start, generating interest throughout the speech, and managing stage fright and humor.

    You feel nervous about a scheduled speech or presentation? Please contact us here for a one to one workshop.

    Entrepreneurs' CONE of LEARNING & CONNECTING

    See below what we propose to entrepreneurs / professionals

    1 day group workshop "Upscale your Business through Public Speaking". Details here.

    Step 1 ----- FREE consultation

    STEP 2 ----- Project presentation

    - generatE attention from the start

    - observE the audience's reactions, etc...

    Step 3 ----- Speaking to the media & cross culture

    step 4 ----- We assist you to prepare your TEDx Talk

    Workshops are held on Saturdays in Sheung Wan.

    For details click here . To contact us click here.

    Testimonial from a participant

    March 2017

    "The program impressed on me how many non verbal signals I hadn't noticed about interpersonal communications. Christian was able to succinctly point out behaviors and cues to look out for so you are better equipped to gauge the situation and person you are communicating with. Christian also accurately identified the very core of what was causing my communication to be less than optimal. Once identified and analyzed, I could notice and feel an instant improvement, and that knowledge continues to help me improve my communication to this day." KMY

    Testimonial from Hayley Ho - TEDxYouth (2012)

    March 2012

    “With some very useful suggestions and guidance, Christian helped me tweak my transcript into something more concise, and encouraged me to deliver a confident talk.”

    Hayley Ho - March 2012

    Workshops for start-ups and entrepreneurs - Co-Working spaces: Campfire, Wynd, and Centre O.

    For more information, contact us here.

    Themes cover public speaking, project presentation, self introduction and East vs West cross-cultural work: values & etiquette in Hong Kong, the Mainland, and within French organizations.

    MBA program for SMI Semestre of Int'l Management (France)

    Since 2011

    A series of presentations done in Hong Kong to 30 French MBA students on various topics about Hong Kong, and the mainland every year since 2011.

    MBA program for Master's Degree in Design - HK Polytechnic University - The School of Design

    2010 - 2015

    Consumerism and Sustainability, " Consumerism, How Did We Get There ?" presented every year from 2010 to 2015.

    Upgrade your business by sharpening your public speaking skills


    Details & registration --> here.

  • Cross-Cultural Training

    Since 2007

    Values & etiquette in Hong Kong

    Since 2007, we have been providing cross-cultural training for foreign individuals and organizations settling down in a corporate environment either in Hong Kong or on the mainland.

    Past and present partners include :

    Prudential (USA)

    – Shepell fgi (USA)

    – Brookfield Global Relocation Services (USA)

    Values & etiquette on the mainland

    Cross cultural training builds bridges between cultures.

    Our training facilitates the integration of persons, teams or organizations into different surrounding cultures. It aims to recognize and honor the host culture without giving up one’s own. It is about adopting additional approaches and seeing more than one possibility for better communication with people, accomplishing tasks, and resolving issues.


    Values & etiquette in a French organization

    We also train local people and teams to work comfortably within French organizations with their distinctive work cultures and social code. This training covers essential cultural marks, values and etiquette for work and social life, as well as language basics and common expressions. Once completed, participants are equipped with all the necessary tools to interact confidently with their French peers.

  • Our communication workshops

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  • Does Your Child Shine in Public Situations ?

    This training assists parents in facilitating their children entering top schools by minimizing hurdles and reducing their anxiety.

    Young teens Level

    The basics of human communication

    and fundamentals of public speaking

    This 1-day group workshop is designed to provide young teens with :

    - mastering the basics of communication

    - practicing the basics of public speaking

    - Increasing personal confidence

    HKD 880./participant. In home training is available. For details, please contact us.

    These workshops are conducted periodically when there is enough interest. Please sign up here to express your interest and receive notification of the next available workshop.

    Elementary Level

    All the tools to speak in public for teenagers.

    Join past participants and have fun becoming a confident speaker.

    This 1-day group workshop is designed to train teenagers to :

    - master the basics of communication

    - excel at oral exams

    - Make powerful presentations

    - Increase their personal confidence

    HKD 880./participant. In home training is available. For details, please contact us.

    These workshops are conducted periodically when there is enough interest. Please sign up here to express your interest and receive notification of the next available workshop.

    Now332.com TV

    June 2017

    This report is on the education of gifted teenagers. Peak Communication is featured.

    A Hong Kong Government school.

    Since 2014

    These 12 hour workshops are on oral communication, presentation, and public speaking for young teens.

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    - how to speak for success


    You can also submit any questions you might have here for a quick response and to schedule any private consultations.

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  • Public speaking workshop in Singapore

    "Let's get the striving youth talk !"

    Date : to be confirmed

    - group workshop conducted in English
    - highly experiential : discussions, role plays, and games
    - also designed to develop interview skills : for schools and jobs
    - foster inter-personal communication and self-development


    A whole day 6 hour workshop from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm (including lunch time)

    Where ? - Place to be confirmed

    SGD 240./participant

    In cooperation with "French@Work" (Singapore)

  • Upscale your Business with Public Speaking


    From 09:30am to 04:30pm

    in Sheung Wan. Enroll Now

    Workshop designed for managers, entrepreneurs, business owners. No previous experience in public speaking required, everyone is welcome.

    • Expert & pro tips revealed
    • Organize a speech
    • Speak to a team
    • Manage stage fright
    • Activities include: videos, role plays, debriefing

    HK$ per participant. Limited seating

    Registration on this page


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